Les Saisons

Irène Jacob, tale ; Marianne Piketty, violin and direction ; Laurent Corvaisier, live illustrations; Le Concert Idéal ; Carl Norac, text; Cécile Jacquemont, stage direction

Vivaldi: Spring / Piazzolla: Verano porteño / Vivaldi: Summer / Piazzolla: Otono porteño / Vivaldi: Autumn / Piazzolla : Invierno porteño / Vivaldi: Winter / Piazzolla: Primavera porteña


Little Village Harmonia Mundi
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Le Monde.fr
… A musical effusion, where crackling like by the fireside, the dizzy souls of Vivaldi and Piazzolla… superbly interpreted…
We were amazed to discover the potential of these musicians…

… Marianne Piketty takes us with generosity, lightness and virtuosity in the fiery music of Vivaldi and Piazzolla which intersect, repel each other as if to nest better…


… We (re) discover the music of the famous Vivaldi concertos in all its truth and humanist zeal under the violin inspired by Marianne Piketty and the nuances that the Care Ideal brings to it. Intertwining and colliding with their elders, the Four Seasons of Buenos Aires by Astor Piazzolla, loaded with nostalgia and sensuality specific to tango finish capsizing the ears and complete this bubble of wonder.

Vivaldi - Spring : 2nd movement

par Marianne Piketty & Le Concert Idéal | Les Saisons

Piazzolla - Verano

par Marianne Piketty & Le Concert Idéal | Les Saisons

Marianne Piketty
Marianne Piketty